Healthy Pizzas

The Best Pizza has been enjoyed and eaten for centuries throughout Italy and many parts of the world. The crust alone is enough to guarantee an occasion. But there are so many variations to the pizza that even food critics have started to add their two cents on the subject. There are the traditional Sicilian, spinach and tomato, Chicago, New York, Hawaiian, Mexican, Southwestern, Thai, and more.


Of course, pizza has always been associated with food and parties, even when it was first cooked for consumption as food. However, over time, variations to the traditional pizza pie have emerged. While chicken pizza remains to be one of the top choices, there are chicken pizza flavors that are starting to become all the rage. Chicken pizza is definitely one of the best choices.

The 10 Best Types of Pizza: There are many variations, but some consistently create a fantastic pizza experience. Cheese pizza, chicken pizza, and vegetable pizza are just a few examples. The crust and sauce make or break the pizza.

Of all the pizza topping ideas, crusts are the trickiest part of the whole pizza. Whether it’s pizza crust, sauce or cheese, no two pizza toppings are the same. Even if you use the same kind of tomato, don’t expect the same results. Every pizza topping has a slightly different effect on a pizza, though a few stand out more than others. Here are pizza topping ideas.

Tomato Sauce: The standard Italian pizza sauce contains tomato sauce with oil. Traditionally it is made with tomatoes, garlic, olive oil, oregano, red pepper flakes, salt and pepper. If you are eating it at a restaurant, ask what the standard ingredient is so you know what to add to your own Italian pizza. This is one of those sauces that will never go out of style and will never go out of season either. A good tip is to get the natural ingredients and add your own “secret herbs”.

Tomatoes: Another must have topping is Italian pizza with tomato sauce. Tomato is an essential ingredient of pizza, with onions being the more common ingredient of tomato-based toppings. Simply combine chopped onions with chopped fresh mushrooms and olives and you have a fine slice of pizza. My favourite toppings are olives and mushrooms, with the onion ring of course on top. You can also drizzle it with olive oil and oregano.

Garlic Butter: This is another essential ingredient to any pizza topped recipe. A thicker and richer version of traditional garlic butter. Using traditional ingredients you can add a layer of butter over the pizza and bake for up to an hour. You can then remove the garlic butter and enjoy your meal. You can use this butter in a number of different recipes too. For example: pasta, sausage, meatballs, vegetable dishes, potato and bean dishes.

Cheese: All pizza guys love the fresh, melted cheese. Mozzarella is my favourite as it holds onto the essence of the cheese and doesn’t let it melt. So there you have it, the perfect ingredients for a great new pizza. As you can see these are just some of the many flavors and styles of pies that you can enjoy. With the rising popularity of food festivals like Food and Wine Fest across America, these types of pies are sure to be one of your most favorite foods of the year.

Pineapple Pizza: This is definitely a must try recipe! A delicious, tangy pineapple pizza with a hint of sweetness. The pizza is topped with a spicy tomato sauce, shredded cheese and of course, the pineapple.

BBQ Chicken Pot Pie: If you are looking for a chicken pizza that is easy to make and great for a variety of palettes. A traditional pot pie is made by taking chicken slices and baking in a clay pot. You can add a variety of toppings to this delicious pizza. A popular topping is BBQ Sauce or a BBQ Chicken Spice Sauce. You can also add fresh chopped veggies and broccoli to make a very tasty and healthy meal.

Red Onion Rings: Imagine a pizza pie with an incredible aroma, a smoky red onion ring and a delicious red tomato sauce. The aroma will knock your socks off, and the taste will tantalize your taste buds. This pizza is definitely a must try. This dish includes shredded mozzarella cheese, chopped onions, pepper, and a touch of red wine to enhance the taste. Make sure to include any type of bbq chicken or ground beef, or a combination of both for the perfect flavor.